About us

Granular Media Group (GMG) is a multidisciplinary research team targeting the latest challenges in applied research. GMG home institution is the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals (ICPF), Czech Academy of Sciences, a leading institution in the chemical engineering research in the Czech Republic.

Our purpose in GMG is to provide basic research and scientific expertise to companies that face the technological issues and cannot get the answers from their R&D departments.

Team members

  • Ing. Kulaviak Lukas, PhD. (Group Leader)

  • doc. Ing. Růžička Marek, CSc., DSc. (Supervisor)

  • Ing. Pěnkavová Věra, PhD.

  • Ing. Havlica Jaromír, PhD.

  • Ing. Trávníčková Tereza, PhD.

  • Ing. Stanovský Petr, PhD.

Expertise and Solutions

  • Powder “Dry” rheology

  • Flowability measurement (Dynamic or Shear)

  • Bulk measurement (Compressibility, permeability, bulk density, etc.)

  • Aeration, deaeration, attrition

  • Wall friction

  • Suspension “Wet” rheology

  • Silo design

  • Reactor characterization

  • Chemical process engineering

  • Process intensification

  • Contract Research

  • Process modeling

  • CFD and DEM simulations

Applied research

  • Powder rheology and flowability measurement

  • DEM simulation of mixing of granular materials

  • Brakage of granular materials under compression

  • Sedimentation of polydisperse granular mixture


  • Easy and precise control of local operating conditions

  • Increased process safety

  • Increased productivity

  • Faster scale-up from lab to plant